Day One: Our Spiritual Identity in God

Day One : Our Spiritual Identity in God

Ephesians 3:14-15, “For this reason I kneel before theFather, from whom every family in heaven and on earth derives its name.”

Morning Prayer:

“Father in heaven, I am your child.”



In this prayer, Paul begins by writing about “kneeling before the Father.” This posture speaks of humility and dependence on God. What does it look like for you to take this posture in prayer? There’s a saying, “We never stand so tall as when we kneel in prayer.” Do you value humility? If you want to serve others with God’s heart and see your life from God’s perspective, you need to commit yourself to prayer and return regularly to your knees in humility before God.


Evening Prayer (7:00-800 PM):  Pray for the Church

As a child of your Father in heaven, you are a part of a spiritual family. Take some time to pray for the Church, for your relationships with your brothers and sisters in Christ around the world and around your home. Pray for your relationships within your family members, your church family at Yarrow MB, and wherever else you are connected to other believers. Is there someone you need to encourage, confront, humble yourself before, or confess your sin to? Listen to the Holy Spirit and let him guide you to that someone. Let God speak.

Journal Question:

This year since we can not gather to pray we want to encourage you to text in some feed back. Each day there will be a Journal question, this response can be texted to (877) 755-1894. On Thursday January 21st at 7:00pm we will be hosting a Facebook Live worship and sharing time where some of your responses will be shared.

Send in a short prayer for the church.


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