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Online Gathering

How to use Zoom

How to get connected

Given that we can not meet together for the time being, we are working on getting groups together to read scripture and pray through digital platforms.   The one that seems to be working the best right now is zoom.  Here are a few resources to help you connect to one of our digital gatherings.

Step 1:

Each week we will send out an email with the links to the various digital meetings

Step 2:

You can open the link on your tablet, phone, or computer.  Your device will need a web camera, and a microphone in order to participate.
If you are using a tablet or phone you will need the zoom app which you can find here.

Step 3:

When you join you will be prompted to allow video and audio make sure to allow each of those options.

It takes a few minutes to connect for the first time.  Try to log on to the meeting a few minutes early to sort out problems that may arise.

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