Christmas by Grace Robertson

Christmas is here, the lights are all out
Mothers are baking as kids laugh and shout
Shoppers are shopping, they rush to and fro
Packages wrapped, tied up with a bow

Temperature’s dipping, the rains start to fall
Carols are playing as we deck the hall
Lampposts bedecked the park has a tree
It’s Hallmark Christmas non stop on tv

Churches are filming their programs with care
The meaning of Christmas with others to share
Phones are all ringing, cards have been mailed
Gifts are delivered, a taxis’ been hailed

Somewhere amongst this bustle and cheer
Something is different, a darkness is near
COVID 19 is it’s frightening name
Early last spring to our country came

Killing thousands, sickening more
Leaving our hearts all tender and sore
It means no parties, gatherings or meets
No going to concerts or saving of seats

Houses are empty, tables are bare
Of those missing we’re all too aware
No more cuddles, kisses and hugs
No more sharing of fun Christmas mugs

We must stay distanced, 6 feet apart
No matter how close we are in our heart
The doctors have spoken, the order has come
Tomfoolery to others and wisdom to some

There has been anger, tempers have flared
Words have been spoken, others just stared
Trying to find our place and our role
During a lockdown not in our control

We question, we wonder: why here, why now?
As scientists search for the when and the how
We look for sense where none can be found
And forget to look at the world all around

Our world is different, new and so strange
Our lives we must now with care rearrange
Yet Hope, Joy, Peace and Love are still here
Christ still came and loves us all dear

Hands are still helping, friends are still there
Neighbours still checking to see how you fair
People are serving, helping the weak
Still giving meals to all those who seek

Pastors are preaching, carols still sung
Christmas trees lighted, stockings still hung
On Zoom we can see our families and friends
On Messenger be part of chats without ends

So if we’d stop and take a good glance
If we’d give this Christmas a chance
We’d see that it has not gone away
It is, in fact, here now to stay

For one distant night a baby came down
Destined to wear the ultimate crown
No illness can kill him, no law make him stop
No mask keep him covered, His plans never flop

He can’t be canceled, ruined, undone
You can’t postpone God’s only son
He is our Hope, our Joy, and Love
Our Prince of Peace sent from above

Born to teach, to reach and to die
Then 3 days in a tomb to lie
Born to carry the sins of earth
Born to give a chance for rebirth

He knows loneliness, boredom and pain
Knows what it is to want peace again
He knows what distance and sadness is like
The gut wrenching shock of feeling a strike

He’s crying too that the world isn’t right
He wants to be our bright shining light
In his arms we all can be held
No matter the sight our eyes have beheld

He’s just waiting for you to say yes
Give him your all, no more and no less
Will you accept Him this Christmas season
Let Him be your holiday’s reason?

Will you accept the love he does give
Let Him change the way that you live?
Focus your eyes on a star and a manger
Rather than our world full of danger?

Give Him COVID, let worries go
Surrender to God who loves you so?
If you do I promise you’ll find
A hope that leaves all others behind

Merry Christmas to those near and far
Cherished and valued wherever you are
A happy new year I pray for you
Filled with Joy and God’s love too




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